Basic grammar usage of Have, Has & Had in Tamil – Besant technologies


Basic grammar usage of #Have, #Has & #Had in Tamil – A Small interaction about the uses of have, had and has by K.S.Vishalini of Besant Technologies. You can enrich your knowledge about the usage of these verbs by seeing our video. Learn Basic Grammar with Simple Examples in Tamil


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Comments 50

  1. hai sister ur teaching so good..

  2. NR Media says:

    Konjam slow ah ponga

  3. Nice job keep it up sis

  4. RAJA P says:

    very useful, and please explain about could, should, would.

  5. Super mam 😇

  6. Sister yoyr teaching is good.I'm forget some minutes very confuse me

  7. accet vijay says:

    supper teaching sis😍

  8. Difference between past and past participle

  9. Telephone conversation podunga akka

  10. radha m says:

    Has is only used for 3rd party singular… So that only I & you comes under have..

  11. PANDIAN A says:

    thank u sister

  12. JagaVK17 says:

    Past, present, future la Epdi use pannanum apdi nu confused ah irukku madam…. Please adha pathi Konjam sollunga 🙏

  13. Prasanth S says:

    V1,v2,v3 use yana

  14. Akka enaku active and passive voice teach pannuga and also direct and indirect pls akka

  15. DILLI BABU says:

    Dear Mam, Please explain every sentence in Tamil it will be helpful for beginners

  16. SELVA KUMAR says:

    Sema fast ji

  17. I speak Portuguese and English and I have never heard anyone speaking an Indian language. Very different. Greetings from Brazil!

  18. Deva Sri says:

    Mam it will be very useful….
    But I have many more examples….
    Thank you.

  19. Renga Nathan says:

    Explanation is good.

  20. Surya S says:

    Mam neenga oru sentence vanthu verb form pannurega Na atha tamilla oru thadavatha sollunga

  21. Ambiga S says:

    Teaching very fast please let me slowly

  22. எது என்னமோ பாா்க்க நல்லா அழகா இருக்கா நல்ல திறமையா பேசுரா நீ

  23. Jason Jacob says:

    I think you too nervous to explain what it is.. just make it simple mam..

  24. nata raj says:

    Hi madam could you please explain usage of could be and would be and give me more examples for better understanding.

  25. Super.. marvelous

  26. கொஞ்சம் மெதுவாக இலகுவாக சொல்லுங்கள்.
    மென்மேலும் வளர வாழ்த்துக்கள்ளம்மா…

  27. Nice maa.. Simply said. Tnks

  28. Teaching good ..But tamil la konjam explain pannunga

  29. Thank you mam💐

  30. What you mean by v1, v2 and v3?

  31. Under Had you specified (Past). Same way what you will put under Has and Have?

  32. The word "come" is V1 come or v3 come, in the sentence "he has come ". ?
    Can you please answer.

  33. v vignesh says:

    teaching romba speed ah eruku

  34. Abdul Asam says:

    Good lesson.. because many of us having confusion in this,

  35. Lakshmi p says:

    Super explanation sis

  36. Venkat , says:


  37. aravind rj says:

    When to add been along with has or have or had

  38. jkarthi says:

    Superb…ur way of speech is very clarity. thanks..I like this video

  39. durai rajan says:


  40. Sister
    You are very good teacher but you teach very past and without explain Tamil meaning.

  41. I will understood English but i can't speak properly and confidently

  42. Akka you are teaching well

  43. Sakthi K says:

    Mam l like very much speech and clearly u teech mam