CM Punk's Grammar Slam – Your vs. You're


Welcome to CM Punk’s Grammar Slam, where WWE Superstar CM Punk corrects your awful grammar. In this episode, Punk explains the difference between Your and You’re.


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Comments 50

  1. Narrow Ben says:

    Hey this is copying off of jacksfilms your….. get it find the joke YOUR you’re grammar sucks there stealing

  2. Kennechi Sy says:

    I wish you guys would make another one to correct the idiots who use would of, could of, should of when it's really would've, could've, and should've. It's fucking HAVE, not OF, dumbasses.

  3. Kenny Culler says:

    This man is the greatest

  4. BloodGuzzler says:

    Perry Saturn called; he says YOUR welcome

  5. Here’s an easy way to remember the difference between your and you’re. "Your best friend is hot, while you’re a beast."

  6. Why you say WWE superstar CM Punk?
    YOU'RE a WWE current Superstar ( wrestler)
    Or YOU'RE not!

  7. Neox says:

    Everyone in the world should share the f*** out of this video, because 99% of all internet users are DUMB AS F*** and can't tell the difference and it's so annoying!!! Bitches.

  8. DANNY D says:



  10. 2019 still no return

  11. P 1 says:

    He's roasting people left and right 💀

  12. Mr Fleisch says:

    With this audio, you can litteraly create the greatest ytp EVER

  13. CM Punk and grammar my two favorite things

  14. Your the man Punk!

  15. Stop these videos. You're giving me an aneurysm.

  16. This video is still relevant after all these years. People still don't know the fuckin difference

  17. I got a A++ on my grammar test, thanks to this.

  18. How did I not know about this?

  19. Supxrkicks says:

    Yo, he is like a cooler Jacksfilms

  20. -- says:

    Punk has punk in him.

  21. 어떤게 더 낳아요????? 이런느낌이겠군 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  22. Deadpool says:

    These videos should be shown to every high school and college English class in the country.

  23. Yes i want more grammar slam

  24. Yes want more grammar slam

  25. Epiruss says:

    CM Punk would make a great English teacher.

  26. Jeez, I wish he was my E.L.A teacher.

  27. I dont have pet peeve bigger than the misspelling of your/you're its like half the english speaking people on the internet never learnt how to spell. Even people who learn English as a 2nd language know which to use

  28. joe says:

    Love you CM Punk. YOU'RE the best in the world.

  29. LilKronkoboy says:

    Hey CM Punk your awesome.

  30. Punk, thank you for correcting my largest pet peeve. I feel your pain.

  31. There is no nothing lol I think you meant there is no anything

  32. Garang says:

    I used to love this omg so much memories

  33. Pooja Grg says:

    Hi puck I'm ur huge fan I saw ur all match u r fantastic ,superb, bodybuilder n very handsome I also want a careing lovely life partner just like u be a happy life God bless u n miss u love u 4 ever

  34. Gage Taylor says:

    Oh my god I completely forgot about this. And I really think that he feels this way as well knowing punk. Half the people on the internet are absolute retards, American public schools are going down the toilet. Everyone sleeps in English or plays on their phones and then they feel confident going on the internet calling me a stupid little kid because I play roblox. And it's ironic every damn time because they insult me playing roblox with the grammar of a 7 year old, and it's even worse when that person is probably 20 years older than me and I'm 16.

  35. Katze says:

    As a writer, it really annoys me when people don't use punctuation or use the incorrect homonym.

  36. White Power says:


  37. Bald Punk was the best

  38. Chris Ghensi says:

    I mean, at least they're not getting mixed up with yore.

  39. 1 like = you like cm punk
    1 subscriber = you think he is hilarious
    1 dislike = you think this is stupid
    1 bad comment = you think he is the worst person on the planet

  40. Robert Denk says:

    Thanks Punk. Now I know how to use your and you're

  41. "Hey everybody it's WWE superstar CM Punk"

  42. Daniel Gould says:

    Such violence in these videos. Totally justified.

  43. Grammar is so easy; I don't understand how people make these mistakes when you learn this stuff in the 1st grade.