First or Second Conditional? English Grammar Practice


Wondering when to use first and second conditional in English? Learn with me and hang around for the Conditionals Quiz at the end!


The 1st Conditional:
We use it to talk about things that are POSSIBLE in the future and have a LIKELY chance of happening!
IF + present simple, WILL + bare infinitive verb
EG: If I miss the bus, I will take a taxi.

The 2nd Conditional:
Use it to talk about IMPOSSIBLE present situations and UNLIKELY future situations
IF + past simple, WOULD + bare infinitive verb
EG: If I missed the bus, I would take a taxi.

Stick about for the QUIZ at the end of the lesson to practice what you learn!

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First or Second Conditional? English Grammar Practice

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  1. If I prepare spicy dish, my child won’t eat it

  2. If I got promotion, I would buy a new car

  3. 1.Supposing your dog ran away, how would you feel then??
    2. Unless I got a promotion at work, I wouldn't be able to afford that expensive car.
    3. Supposing if I ran out of coffee, what would I do then??
    If I knew the exact location of Emma, I would like to meet her

  4. If I decide to learn English,I will choose a experienced teacher

  5. MD Anam says:

    decent dress…..

  6. Illa Skumar says:

    Nice video madam ..Iam from india

  7. Though this is late, pardon.
    1st conditional.
    As long as I get my promotion, I will buy a new car.
    2nd conditional.
    If I got my promotion I'd buy a new car.
    (Please, notice me and correct my grammar.) Thank you. Btw, I'm your new subscriber.😊

  8. Irfan Shah says:

    If I ran out of coffee, I would make tea.

  9. Irfan Shah says:

    If the dog runs, I will feel horrible.

  10. Irfan Shah says:

    I will make a spicy food, If my child likes.

  11. Irfan Shah says:

    Supposing I got a promotion, I will buy my favourite car.

  12. vikki yin says:

    If I got a promotion, I would buy my dream car.
    If I make a spicy dish, my kids will hate it and they will definitely not eat it.
    Imagine your dog ran away, would you get angry with me?
    Imagine if the coffee ran out , I would cry my lung out.

  13. If I fail in the exam I would return it

  14. Dilip udmale says:

    Nice explaination Ma'am

  15. Thank you very much Emma.God bless you

  16. Suman Kumari says:

    I really injoy your video… Mam… Thank you so much mam.

  17. Salim A K says:

    Dear Emma your presentation is outstanding. Thanks

  18. My answers:
    1. If I had a promotion at work, I would get enough money to buy a new car.
    2. If I cook spicy food, my child won't have it.
    3. If my friend's dog ran away, I would feel horrible.
    4. If I ran out of coffee, I would have tea instead.

    Are these okay?

  19. Thanks for that. I like ya.

  20. Eliza Pervin says:

    In a conditional sentence if first part is present then last part will be future tense.
    If first part is past tense, 2nd part will be past. Am I right?

  21. Alex says:

    Hi Emma, thank you very much for teaching us about this grammer.

    I'd like to ask You, can we put the WILL first n the if after for example,
    'I'll buy you lunch if you help me with my homework'
    if we put it like that, is it still conditional?

    Also, how about this sentence
    'If that is a burger, I want it'
    we can see there is no WILL in that sentence.
    is it a conditional sentence or not? Just wanna make sure whether a conditional sentence only use if n will, other than that is not conditional.
    besides, I learned that we also use IF in noun clouse, so the 'If that is a burger, I want it' probably a noun clause. im not sure about this so i really need ur help.

    I really hope you'll see n respond it.

    thanks again.

  22. Ma'am you are really very beautiful, AND you have a sweet voice,

  23. From Nepal!🇳🇵

  24. Mam could you please do video on how to change simple to complex sentence

  25. If I was promoted at work, I would be able to buy my new car.
    If I cook a spicy meal, my child will not eat it for sure.
    If your dog ran away, I would not be able to go trough it.
    If I ran out of coffee, I would be very upset by that.

  26. Thanks to the subtitles for me it is a great help

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  28. 1. As long as I were not promoted, I wouldn't have enough money to buy a new car, which I'm hardly dreaming of.
    2. Thanks a lot for your suggestion, but my kid will not eat it as long as it's spicy.
    3. Supposing that your dog ran away, would you want me to call you immediately or should I search for him first?
    4. If I ran out of coffee, I would be quite mad at all people around me. (just kidding, I don't drink coffee at all)

  29. 누르미 says:

    1. If I got a promotion at work, I would definitely buy a car.
    2. If I cook something spicy, she/he won’t eat anything.
    3. If your dog ran away , what would you want me to do ? Or you would kill me

  30. Ma'am , please make a video on "figure of speech "

  31. Thanks in advance !

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  40. sriram b says:

    1. If I'm late I'll call you.
    2. If I were late, I'd call you. Which is correct to use if a husband wants to inform his wife about late return to his home? Somebody pls tell.

  41. 1) If I got the promotion, I would afford buying a new car
    2) If I make a spicy dish, my child will not eat it
    3) If your dog ran away, I would feel horrible
    4) Supposing I ran out of coffee, I would be really upset

  42. Ar Rahman says:

    mam, if I were fired from a company,how would be the sentence look like. could you help me

  43. Sneha Rai says:

    Situation 2??????

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    If I got promotion, i would buy a new car.😁

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    2) If I cook spicy food, my child will not eat it
    3) If my friend's dog ran away, I would feel horrible
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