Subject Verb Agreement | Subject-Verb Concord | Basic Rules & Examples | English Grammar in Hindi


Subject verb agreement | subject-verb concord | basic rules & examples | english grammar in hindi | subject verb agreement rules | subject-verb agreement examples | what is subject verb agreement?


Dear Viewer, after watching this video lecture you will be able to easily understand the basic concept of ‘subject verb agreement’ which is also called ‘subject verb concord’ in English grammar. This video will help you to understand what is this ‘agreement’ between the subject and the verb without which the sentence will become wrong? You will gain the in depth knowledge of subject verb agreement along with basic grammar rules and examples in Hindi.

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Topics covered –
Subject-Verb Agreement
Subject Verb Concord
Subject Verb Agreement Basic Rules
Singular Subject
Singular Verb
Plural Subject
Plural Verb
Singular and Plural Subject
Singular and Plural Verbs
Subject Verb Concord Examples
Subject Verb Concord Explanation
Subject Verb Agreement Explanation
Subject Verb Agreement in Hindi
Subject Verb Concord in Hindi
Subject Verb
Subject and Verb Agreement
Verb Agreement
Subject Verb Agreement in English Grammar
Learn English through Hindi
Learn English grammar in Hindi
Basic English grammar for beginners
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